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舍 Building Automation System Home Automation Building Management System (Wired & Wireless) - For Sale By Owner.

BMS - Building Management System (is developed since 2000)

Made In Poland (EU).
We are Producer & Developer of BAS - Building Automation System

Building Automation System For Sale By Owner - (Controller Area Network {CAN} + RF862, 902, 915MHz) - in production since 2014

Due to overload our resources we would like to sell some part of our system to third party for further development:
  • firmware for microcontrollers including encrypted bootloaders
  • software (configuration, visualization, remote-control)
  • hardware & schematic & design
  • complete documentation (English, Polish)

BAS system is based on small (all in one) low voltage (12..26VDC) electric socket cans controllers, for control and integration of all subsystems (including lighting, heating, any devices on/off, dimming, measurement and regulation, wireless IR control of controller and external Audio/Video devices).
Wired controllers can work using Controller Area Network (serial databus).
Additionally RF Radio module can be plug-in for Wireless work on 3 different baseband (862 MHz, 902 / 915MHz).
It gives possibility to create wireless or wired installation. Up to 128 controllers can be installed wired and wirelessly in the system.
CAN/RF BMS works under CAN/RF Server with communication gateway. It is configured and managed via WWW (from internet browser).
  • Events/Commands based actions
  • WWW gateway to the word
  • IR remote control for external Audio/Video systems from smart controller
  • integration and cooperation of smart home controllers
  • IR codes for control system from standard SONY (SIRC) Remote Controller
  • measurement inputs for regulations
Home Automation system consists of:
  • RF radio module (RF) - pluggable Radio module for wireless work for one of the following baseband 863MHz, 902/915MHz
  • CAN/RF BMS gateway/server and software
  • CAN Controller (CC) - "microcomputer" integrated control, management, regulation, IR remote control, intelligent inputs, measurement inputs.
  • Plugable Relay module (2/4 relays)
  • Plugable Dimmer module (4 channels 12VDC)

Smart Home Controller CRFC

CRFC is intelligent programmable & configurable microprocessor controller, optimized for - control lights, heating (regulation), any electric devices (on/off), dimmers, Infrared suported devices, switches/sensors (on/off), measurement sensors (0,3v3) scale.
It implements algorithms for:
  • measurement, regulation and control light, temperature, voltage and other physical parameters
  • functionality based on events (commands)
  • IR remote control of external Audio/Video system (IR transmissison)
  • dimming LED lights
  • measurement, regulation programs (100 for whole system)
  • advanced calendar-scheduler for planed operations (100 for whole system)
  • outputs programs (100 for whole system)
  • programmable digital (on/off) inputs
  • on/off control (digital) outputs
  • dimmers programs (100 for whole system)
  • IR remote control of CAN/RF Controller (IR reception)
  • capable to send events to external BMS CAN/RF and other controllers via Server/Gateway

Smart Home Controller Hardware features

  • 4 configurable digital outputs (on/off) with relay drivers (with blinds control functionality)
  • 4 LED dimmers or RGB (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • 4 configurable digital inputs (on/off)
  • RTC for clock
  • stabilized power supply (switching or linear)
  • Infrared input and output for bidirectional IR remote control
  • 4 ADC inputs for voltage, temperature, light measurement or any analog sensor (0,3v3) for regulation

CAN (Wired) Controller Hardware

CC - Standalone for electric socket cans
CAN BAS  Controller CAN BAS  Controller

RF Module for wireless operation
Operation in one of 3 bands of operation after plug-in RF radio module.
RF 863MHz or 902..915 Radio module RF 863MHz or 902..915 Radio module
Relays and dimmer module - Expansions
Up to 4 relays 230/5A can be installed on module.
4 PWM Dimmers Drivers 12VDC/3A can be installed on module
Small Plugable Relay and dimming expansion Small Plugable Relay and dimming expansion
MP-2, 4 relay and 4 dimmers module CC, CRFC
  • 4 dimmers 12VDC/3A
  • 2 big relays 230V/20A or 4 miniature relays 230V/5A

Combined module

Small Plugable Relay and dimming expansion
Combined module is suitable to install to socket cans - 60mm deep. Require dedicated cans for hosting modules.

Communication Gateway

CAN/RF to RS-232 Gateway
CAN/RF Gateway interfacing CAN/RF BAS Home Automation to Server. It contains external RS-232 interface to connect to any computer system. Server application exists for various Linux microcomputer and PCs: x86, x64, ARM (1..4) cores.
  • Plugable Relay module (2/4 relays)
  • RF radio module (RF) - pluggable Radio module for wireless opetations for one of the following baseband 863MHz, 902/915MHz (depending on RF module)
  • BMS gateway/server and software
  • Plugable Dimmer module (4 channels 12VDC)
  • CAN Controller (CC) - "microcomputer" integrated control, management, regulation, IR remote control, intelligent inputs, measurement inputs.

Schematic CC, CRFC BMS of "CAN/RF Controller" connection:
CAN / RF BAS schematic

Other Variants of BMS systems for cooperation

eBMS is complete and integrated low voltage solution of automation system for DIY:
  • smart house, home automation
  • drives, servos, gateways, doors, windows management and control
  • can work standalone or under PC/mini-computer support/supervision
  • any DIY implementation and integration (software+hardware)
  • BMS wired interfaces: CAN, RS-485, Ethernet
  • office automation, hotel automation, building and facility management system
  • various installation types: mini switchboards, central switchboards, socket cans, miniature - standalone
  • advanced security system with SMS notification & control
  • access control and function limitation integrated with RFID
  • BMS wireless communication support: RF 863, 902, 915 MHz, BlueTooth, WiFi, IR
  • boat, yacht, house-boat automation, camper, mobile-home automation

BMS System contains following variants for different installation types and functionality:
  • RS-485 - large controllers for industrial serial bus (up to 1200m range). It is dedicated for mini switch-board for complex management of rooms, flats, apartments, offices, buildings - under PC, Linux mini-computer, CommManager supervision
  • LAN - large controllers for direct work in Ethernet network (dedicated for mini switch-board) for for complex management of rooms, flats, apartments, offices, buildings - standalone operation can be supported by PC, or Linux mini-computer and BMS software
  • RF - small controllers for RF operation (Radio Wireless in one of base-band 862, 902, 915 MHz depending on RF plugable module to BMS CAN controller) installed in electric sockets cans. Works under BMS server, CAN/RF server supervision
  • HYBRID - all following BMS system variants are completely integrated in Hybrid version under Linux BMS Server (mini-computer board) which can contain any combination of the controllers, taking benefits from each architecture. It integrates other subsystems and BMS devices too.
  • CAN - small controllers for "Controller Area Network" serial bus (100m range) installed in electric sockets cans for small installations. Works under BMS Server server supervision
  • PRO BMS - extra large controllers for direct work in Ethernet (LAN) or WiFi network for central/main switch-board installation. Hosting on Linux mini-computer board with BMS server software installed.

BMS home automation system is supported by server and client software for various hardware platforms
  • mini-computer Linux boards ARMs: 1,2,4 cores (Including Raspberry PI/B+/2 Banana PI/PRO, Orange PI)
  • Any devices with web browser support
  • SmartTVs
  • PC (Windows, Linux and other Java Enabled OS)
  • SmartPhones, Pads, Pods

BMS Smart Home system is supported by BMS applications for various Operating Systems:
  • Linux (server software) for BMS Hybrid, PRO installation integrating all BMS variants: RS-485, CAN/RF, PRO, LAN
  • Android (smartphones, Pads, Pods, SmartTVs)
  • Programming and development libraries, source codes, templates (C,C++,Delphi, Java, Android, C# {.Net, .Net CF}, Java Script, SVG, HTML, XML, PHP)
  • Java software for any OS which supports Java Virtual Machine
  • Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Windows Mobile, Phone, .Net, .Net CF
  • Web Browser support from any Hardware and Software Platforms

BMS Software functionality (all together)
  • Speech recognition and voice control (Android)
  • Graphical Remote Control (SVG) with possibility to create individual design of View
  • Graphical Remote Control (SVG) with automatically created View
  • Lossless zoom in/out
  • Integration to external word TCP/IP Server, HTML Requests, via file system
  • Text control from forms
  • Communication gateways: SMS, eMail, FTP, TCP/IP, WWW, HTTP
  • Remote Control: Online (LAN, WiFi, Internet) and Offline (SMS, eMail, SMS)
  • Graphical Visualization (SVG) with possibility to create individual design of View
  • Graphical Visualization (SVG) with automatically created View
  • Configuration, logging, maintaining, servicing of BMS controllers


  • Programming Libraries: C, Java, Java Android, C# (.Net, .Net CF), Delphi
  • Linux Server software (including Web Browser support) (x86,x64, ARM6, ARM7: 1,2,4 cores)
  • CorelDraw Scripts for creating individual Visualization views and templates
Building Management, Home Automation Software Linux server for web support (x64,x86, ARM 1,2,4 cores) and web configurations.
Contact eMail for individual orders and questions: smart home producer
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