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舍 Smart City System - for sale

We are producer and developer of light automation.
We looking for cooperatives for distribution and sell our business system (Controller Area Network / RF Building Automation variant - wireless and wired).
This variant was completely, developed, tested but don't meet our development strategies any longer.
We can also develop branded versions of the system for vendors, startups - other communication and installation system variants of building automation system
Design and development: clearance sale light automation

Cooperation options regarding: light automation , home automation:
Some Applications of system:
  • intelligent blinds system
  • hotel control
  • building facility management
  • heating automation
  • recuperator control
  • smart boiler room system
  • boiler room automation
  • domotic

Various Instalation Types

  • CAN (Controller Area Network) - for socket cans
  • WiFi (2.4GHz b/g/n) - for socket cans wireless third party devices
  • LAN (Ethernet) - mini/central switchboards
  • RF (RF-863MHz) - for socket cans wireless
  • RF (RF-915MHz) - for socket cans wireless
  • PRO BMS (Ethernet, LAN, WiFi) - central switchboard, building management and integrations
  • GSM 2G/3G/LTE/NBIoT/CATM1 - IoT, CIoT (Smart City)
  • RF (RF-902MHz) - for socket cans wireless
  • RS-485 (Industrial serial bus) - for switchboard

Ethernet (LAN) Interface gateways

  • Ethernet<->Dali gateway
  • IR => Ethernet gateway (IR receiver in SONY standard)
  • Ethernet<->GSM/SMS gateway
  • Ethernet<->rs-232 gateway
  • Onkyo - Ethernet
  • DENON - Ethernet
  • Ethernet<->rs-485 gateway
  • Ethernet<->DMX gateway
  • MARANTZ - Ethernet
  • Ethernet => IR gateway (IR transmitter in several dosen standards)

WiFi (WLAN) gateways

  • WiFi<->rs-485 gateway
  • WiFi => IR (IR Transmitter several dosens)
  • WiFi<->Dali gateway
  • WiFi<->DMX gateway
  • WiFi<->GSM/SMS gateway
  • WiFi<->rs-232 gateway
  • IR => WiFi (IR reception SONY)

Integrations, Protocols

  • MODBUS tcp/ip
  • Onkyo
  • Marantz
  • DALI
  • Denon
  • 1 Wire (Dallas / Maxim Semiconductor)
  • SPI
  • RS-485
  • I2C
  • DMX
  • Satel
  • RS-232
  • Auraton
  • Netronix

Automation, Programs

  • Measurement-Regulation Programs
  • IR control codes (for control system)
  • light programs and scenes for on/off i dimmers lights
  • Drives Programs (blinds, servos, shade awning, gateways, doors, windows, cut-off)
  • Scheduler-Calendar
  • programs for on/off outputs
  • Security zones and programs
  • lights programs/scenes for DALI lights
  • Access control and Function Limitations
  • lights programs/scenes for DMX lights
  • light scenes/programs
  • Programs, Macros, IR Control signal (for remote control of Audio/Video systems)

Light Control

  • Dimming DALI lights
  • Dimming DMX lights
  • Dimming LED/RGB tapes (constant voltage) 12VDC, 24VDC PWM
  • Controller, server, driver DALI for dimming and DALI lights
  • Dimming constant curent LED/RGB lights
  • Dimming LED/RGB lights constant current/voltage - 1..10V
  • LED Lights
  • Dimming lights controlled with 1..10V interface
  • LED 12/24VDC PWM Dimmers
  • Controller, server, driver DMX for dimming and DMX lights

Measurement Sensors and regulations

  • preasure measurement
  • voltage measurement
  • temperature measurement
  • any analog sensors (0..3,3V) (0..5V) scale
  • humidity measurement
  • light measurement

Security system outputs

  • horn
  • early warning
  • security agency radioline
  • quiet alarm
  • warning light
  • SMS
In case of different proposals please contact via email address. home automation office automation
We looking for cooperation oportunities for: Smart Home, Building Management, Home Automation
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